Froe Handle


Made a handle for the new froe from an oak tree we cut down.  The log was split using hand tools, then worked down on a shave horse using a drawknife and spokeshave.  The length of handle is 18” and the diameter at largest is 1.5” tapering down to 1.25”  The froe itself was hand forged by John Switzer of Black Bear Forge in Colorado.  This will make an heirloom quality tool that will see many hours of use.

Here is a quick tip if you plan to make one of these yourself.  Remember, this is green wood so it will shrink down some as moisture leaves the handle.   You can rough dimension it, let it dry for a few weeks, then finish it out and install in the froe or you can go ahead and install it finished out in the froe, and as it dries over time and shrinks you can splint the end to secure it to the froe head.

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