Appalachian Style Steam Bent Chair

I have been working on this chair on/off for the past couple months. The wood is local oak, hand sawed and split, shaped down to working pieces via shave horse.  The back legs and slats were steamed and placed in the jigs shown below until dry.

IMG_6765(Back posts in jig)

IMG_6769(Back slats in jig)

Once the parts were ready and held their shape assembly began.  This project uses green joinery and hand-shaped wood pegs for a good solid fit.  You can see the pegs helping hold the back slats in the mortised joints in the picture below.  Also, the bottom rungs were pinned (wood pegs) to add stability.


Now to scrape, rub in some finish, oil, and add a bark bottom (seat)…look for a future post for those items.

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