Chair Completed

Photo May 30, 4 32 31 PM

Finished up the chair this weekend.  I went with a coat of Minwax Puritan Pine stain and a couple coats of Tung Oil prior to putting the bottom in. Harvesting the hickory bark proved to be a difficult but rewarding process.  I had a lot of fun hitting the woods with a couple friends to procure the bark then sitting around under a big Silver Maple shade tree weaving it into the chair.  It took the better part of a day to complete the process but it is an experience I will never forget and look forward to repeating.

Photo May 30, 9 23 13 AM

Felled the hickory tree.

Photo May 30, 9 27 31 AM

Notched a log to stabilize the tree.

Photo May 30, 9 45 29 AM

Photo May 30, 9 58 03 AM

Went to work with the draw knife shaving the outer bark off.

Photo May 30, 10 02 57 AM

Some of the outer bark gone and the first strip of inner bark removed.  We sliced through with a razor knife to cut the strips, then peeled it away.

Photo May 30, 10 07 03 AM

Separating the bark into two strips.

Photo May 30, 11 15 22 AM

A good start.

Photo May 30, 11 18 02 AM

Photo May 30, 11 25 29 AM

I love the grain of this hickory.

Photo May 30, 11 31 53 AM

Just about there.

Photo May 30, 3 01 48 PM

First run of the weave is down.

Photo May 30, 3 51 02 PM

Nearing the finish.

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