“This is for the birds”

Photo Oct 11, 7 05 09 PM

This was a fun project to knock out in a couple of free hours.  There isn’t anything overly complicated in building a bird feeder but any time spent doing some sort of woodworking helps build on a skillset.  I mean, lets face it, there are an abundance of basics developed in such a project; ranging anywhere from wood selection/qualities to measuring/marking to sawing to a line to creating a dado to etc, etc, etc., you get the idea.  So are there really any “simple” or “unworthy” projects?  I guess it all depends on the woodworkers attitude and willingness to get back to basics and practice.  

Quick tip: A large bird feeder such as this (15″ long, 10″, 12″ tall) holds a ton of bird seed, include some sort of brace to help keep the plexiglass from caving.  You can see the extra strip we put in at the base of the plexi; works well and looks good.

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