Vintage Craftsman Bandsaw

Photo Oct 19, 5 34 58 PM

I ran across this vintage 12″ bandsaw on Craigslist and was able to secure it for a great price.  It needs some cleaning and adjustment but it runs great.  I’m torn between full restoration or keeping it looking vintage and functional; honestly, I’m leaning toward the latter.  I really like the look of it the way it stands.  One thing I will replace is the switch, drive belt, and possibly the tires.  Aside from that just a good cleaning, lube, and adjustment.

From what I have found researching the model number, this saw was manufactured in 1938.  I was able to locate and download a digital copy of the ’38 Craftsman catalog as well as the owner’s manual.  There is something really cool about this vintage equipment.  It looks like it originally accepted a 78″ blade but the previous owner has manufactured a wooden spacer so it will take the more modern 80″ blades.  As I restore, or whatever I decide to do, this saw I’ll post progress pics.  Until then, here are a few more of it’s current condition.

Photo Oct 16, 7 25 35 AM

Photo Oct 19, 5 34 40 PM

Photo Oct 19, 5 35 07 PM

Photo Oct 19, 5 35 19 PM

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