Arms like Arnold…

Photo Oct 03, 11 35 47 AM

The basic shape cut out.

Worked on shaping the arms for the rocking chair.  Here is the process I used:

Split out two pieces of oak from a log

Riv out using a froe, then work down some with a hatchet to get a nice rectangular piece.

Using a drawknife on a shave horse work down to 1/2″ larger than needed on all sides and to basic thickness.  The extra size allows for shrinkage as the wood dries (currently green wood).

Allow arm wood to season until moisture content gets below 10%.

Once appropriately dried, hand plane flat and to equal thickness.  

Sketch and cut out a cardboard pattern for the arm.

Lay the pattern on the wood, trace, then cut out with saw.

Finish shaping with hand plane and wood rasp.  Remember to round over the edges (leaving the small ends square to mortise into the chair back) to give it a more finished look.

Photo Oct 03, 11 59 27 AM

Rounding the edges with a wood rasp.

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