Applying stain and bottoming out.

Photo Oct 03, 12 30 25 PM

Applied the stain to the chair and arms (pre-installation).  There is a methodology to the madness.  I wanted to stain the chair before installing the bottom and wanted to install the bottom before installing the arms.  It’s just easier to manipulate the chair while bottoming it; this thing is heavy!  The stain is Minwax Puritan Pine hand rubbed on with a cotton cloth.

Once the stain has had time to dry, say after a good lunch, it is time to put the bottom in.  Photos below show the bottom going in.  I use a herringbone weave, it looks really nice and holds up great.  The bottom looks just like the top as I weave it as well.  I’d say with regular use the bottom will hold up for 50 years or so, hickory bark is a great resource.  

Photo Oct 03, 3 17 02 PM

First run applied

Photo Oct 03, 4 55 00 PM

Bottom complete.

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