Chair arm pegs

Photo Oct 03, 5 12 56 PM

Since we got the arms finished up last time, it is now time to attach them to the chair.  We started by making pins to peg them down to the front posts of the rocker.  I am using seasoned wood for this so it doesn’t shrink additionally.  We started with a piece I had already roughed down to chair leg proportions, then make pegs from that.    I’ll mark and make the pegs about 4” long, then cut around the mark about ¾” deep.  Once I do this, I’ll put the piece in the clamp (as shown) then chisel down to the previously sawn line.  That leaves what is shown at the bottom of the post in the photo.  I’ll then hand rasp this down to a smoother, rounder shape.  Next, cut the peg off about ¾” back so you have a “head” on it.  I’ll simply use a knife to cut the edges off and they are ready to use. 

Next, using a brace and bit, drill the front posts and arms to accept the pegs.  You want the fit to be tight but you also don’t want to have to drive them in too hard.  Insert the rear of the arm into the mortise joint previously cut, align the holes in the front of the arms with the legs, and drive the peg in.  You’ll end up with what you see below.

Photo Oct 03, 5 52 31 PM - Copy

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