Rigor-mortise and tenon


I know, enough with the cute word play.  What can I say, if you’re gonna cut mortise and tenons they may as well be stiff.  Ok, so I spend a day or two building a dog bowl stand for our puppy.  I couldn’t just throw something together using a Kreg jig, I had to use real joinery.  I ended up using a combination of power tools and vintage hand tools in the construction.  Sometimes it is just plain fun to meld vintage and modern techniques.

I cut the tenon on my table saw using a dado blade set at 1/4″ width, taking one pass on each face of the board.  This resulted in a 1/4″ tenon in the walnut rails.


For the mortise I used a 1/4″ straight bit in a router in conjunction with a router table.  It took some measuring and set up to make sure it was centered and cut the right depth and length but turned out well.  I then used a chisel to square out the end of the rounded mortise (router bit is round so it doesn’t leave a square end).


Test fit the joint and it went together nicely.  I’ll get some more pics up of the process, my favorite way to line up dowel joints, and the finished product.  Until then, have a great New Year.

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