Ain’t no George Jones

Photo Oct 17, 9 22 30 AM

planing the rockers

He may not need this rocking chair but we made it anyway.  We worked on the rockers and got them installed.  The bend in the rockers was done by steam bending then we finished them out by hand.  You can see from the photos we hand planed them down to identical thickness and smoothness, cut the notch in the chair legs with a handsaw and chisel, and pinned them together.  After setting the chair upright, it rocked smoothly.  Thank the good Lord!

Photo Oct 17, 12 21 58 PM

cutting the notches for the rockers

Photo Oct 17, 11 38 05 AM

all four legs cut

Photo Oct 17, 3 28 23 PM

rockers installed and pinned

Stay tuned, tomorrow I will post a photo of the completed rocker!!!

Tip:  When chiseling out the notch for the rockers, start by taking very little material with each pass and as the depth increases you can increase the amount you take with each cut.  Also, work halfway from one way then flip the piece and work back the other way.

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