Leg Vise


I picked up this vintage blacksmith leg vise the other day from a local guy who found it in an old barn.  I haven’t been able to locate any maker’s mark to distinguish it or to age it but, nonetheless, it is a good find and will make a good user in the blacksmith shop.  I plan to remove some of the rust, clean it, and oil it to make it more serviceable.  Photos will be posted of the progress and, of course, the finished product as well as in use.  

One of the advantages of a leg vise is it is made to hold material in the jaws while being hammered on and not damage the screw all the while the shock of hammering is being transferred down the “leg” of the vise.  In addition, the vise is typically wrought rather than cast (cast iron can break quickly with the hammering force).  One last thing, the spring assists in opening the jaws quickly to re-position or move a hot piece of metal.  So you can understand there are many advantages of using a leg vise for blacksmithing.  


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