Shake…but not your arms


If you have followed us at Lincoln Knobs Woodworking for very long you know we are huge fans of Shaker furniture.  We absolutely love the simple, clean lines and functionality of their design.  They are especially famous for their chairs, and for good reason.  The chair, probably more than any other piece of furniture, is the most used and over the history of man there have been many designs.  The chair pictured above is displayed at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill here in Kentucky and exhibits the perfect combination of form and function. 

A couple features somewhat unique to this particular design are the arms and height of the chair.  Usually when we think of shaker chairs they are more vertically oriented as far as design, having a taller straight back.  We also typically envision a chair without arms.  The Shakers designed/built their chairs in such a manner to keep their hands “working” either for work itself or for God, not for resting on chair arms.  What might be some reasons this chair is 1. Shorter and 2. Has arms? 

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