Chester Railway Station


Like most woodworkers I have an affinity for tools.  It doesn’t matter if the tools are used for woodworking or blacksmithing or railroad building, I like tools.  It’s the relation of man and work; it is how things get done.  It is the connection of the calloused hand, tool, and project.  It is how this country was built and how this country carries on.  Making things with tools is the essence of work and so tools hold a special spot in my craftsman heart.

In addition to tools, I love history and visiting historical places.  One of the places I have recently visited is the Chester Railway Station in Chester, Massachusetts.  Inside this station is a museum of railway artifacts, photographs, and tools.  The building itself is beautifully restored and maintained and the small museum is well kept.  Historically, the Chester Station was a significant port for railway travel.  Today, the small town boasts with typical charm and friendly residents.  If you are in the area I highly recommend stopping in for a pleasant visit.


Display case of vintage tools.  I think my favorite of the group are the large dividers.  The blacksmithing tong isn’t bad either.  


As a former draftsman, a nice square and compass like this get the fires burning.

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