Multi-tasking Pioneer


Multi-purpose stool at Fort Harrod

We visited Old Fort Harrod in Harrodsburg, Ky. again and really spent some time studying the items on display there.  I am particularly interested in this style furniture made entirely by hand-powered tools.  One of the things I have noticed is many times the craftsman years ago fashioned furniture that could be used for more than one thing.  I believe this is because the process was time consuming and the majority of their time needed to be invested elsewhere; farming, foraging, hunting, etc.

One example of such work is this stool.  This piece could be used for an array of things including seating, chopping, and a table.  Fairly simple to make the homesteader could fashion this functional piece rather quickly with limited resources then move on to other activities maybe more important to survival.  Later in the day we ran across a similar piece tucked up next to a desk, functioning as a desk chair.  History is fascinating and historical woodworking even more so.  I hope you are inspired to pay further attention to the lessons we can learn from simple items such as this.  

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