New Home

Woodworking related posts have slowed down over the last month or so because Lincoln Knobs Woodworking (Hemingwood) is working on a new home.  We purchased 40 acres of woodland property that had a decent outbuilding and an old home on site.  This has led to many projects that have taken priority over strictly woodworking.  Because of this I will be posting updates on deconstruction/construction/woodworking/tools/etc. dealing with the process.  First up, the overhaul of the storage building.

Photo Apr 03, 2 24 02 PM.jpg

This is how it looked when we bought it.

Photo Apr 16, 8 01 00 PM.jpg

We first removed the side that was completely rotted.  This freed up the Redbud that had grown up and around the overhang.

Photo Apr 17, 10 59 19 AM.jpg

Then we put on a fresh coat of paint.

Amateur tip:  We used a custom tinted oil based paint to paint over the old surface.  We did this because we weren’t sure if the old paint was latex or oil.  If we had used latex and the old paint was oil, it would have peeled off.  Oil-based can be used over latex or oil so we opted for oil.  It covered with one coat and was dry within a couple of hours on a sunny day.  

Next up is to tape off and paint the trim and repair the remaining shed overhang.  To do this we need to replace all three of the support posts and fascia.  Keep checking back for those updates.

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