Home Work

Lincoln Knobs new home is underway.  The site work has commenced, building boundaries struck, and foundation work to begin this week.  We, of course, are doing all the work ourselves.  It is an exciting time for LKW, busy, but exciting indeed.

The plan is to construct a 20’x24′ batten board shop on 12″ concrete pier foundation.  Most of the framework will be heavy timber, reclaimed windows, hand-built doors, and standing seam metal roof.  That is 480 square feet of heaven!


Doing some grading to prepare the site after the removal of the old home.  


Grading complete.  Hard to believe just a week or two ago a home sat here.

Photo Oct 01, 6 17 02 PM.jpg

The building is laid out, corners staked, and ready to start digging the piers.  We plan to do that and pour the concrete this week.  To get our building square we measured diagonally each way and moved our strings until the measurements equaled one another.  Now, we are good to go.


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