Posts and Beams

We were able to set the posts and beams over the weekend on the new shop.  This wasn’t a very daunting task but highly important to get level, plumb, and square.  The foundation is where it all starts and if you have miscalculations here they will become increasingly evident as work progresses.  We used several methods to check ourselves; water level, board and 4′ level, plumb bob, measuring diagonals, and string line.  It took some manipulation but we ended up true.

Photo Oct 15, 4 56 39 PM.jpg

First two short posts in and first beam set.  The back of the building has the highest ground elevation thus the shortest posts.  This is where it all begins.  (notice we are using a generator for temporary power.)

Photo Oct 15, 5 58 46 PM.jpg

All posts and beams for the back of the shop are set.  You can see the 4′ level which thankfully was good to go.

Photo Oct 15, 7 17 03 PM.jpg

Middle set of posts and beams started.  Things were a little more difficult to get aligned here but it worked out.

Photo Oct 15, 7 10 38 PM.jpg

One of my favorite tools, the Dewalt Sliding Compound Miter Saw.  We are also using a 1/2″ drill to power through the treated 6x6s with a 5/8″ woodboring bit.  The plastic Stanley sawhorses…junk.  We will be replacing them this week.

Photo Oct 16, 1 40 34 PM.jpg

All posts and beams have been set and the work site cleaned up.  

Pro tip:  A clean job site is a safe job site.  Always clean up as you go and at the end of each work day.

All in all it took myself and my wife about 5 hours to complete the entire post/beam construction.  This coming weekend we will frame up the floor joists.  

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