New Shop Update

Well, it has been a busy few weeks here at Lincoln Knobs Woodworking.  The shop is just about ready to be under roof (we will do that this weekend) but to catch you up here are a few photos.


Half of the floor joists are down.  We went with 2×8 SPF to span the 10′ distance, times two for 20′ total.


In my opinion the Dewalt Miter Saw is one of the best power tools on the market.


Perfectly level, just what we were looking for.


All joists down and ready for some subfloor.


We chose OSB for the subfloor.


All subfloor nailed down and ready for the oak floor. It is very important that you have maintained everything square.  If you are out just a little it’ll probably be ok but more than a little will give you headaches as you progress.


We used 1×6 oak fence plank boards planed down for the flooring.  It has a beautiful texture and grain.  It isn’t perfect, so if you are looking for that Frank Lloyd Wright perfection, choose another option.


When the poly is applied the character will really pop in this flooring.

So, we have gotten more than this done at this point but I’ll leave it here for now.  Look for walls and roof framing next.  It has been quite a blast building this shop with my wife.  We work together great and she never quits.

Pro tip:  Take your time.  Building something like this doesn’t happen overnight, or even over a weekend.  It’s best to go slow and get it right than fast and end up with slop.  I plan for this building to stand long after I am gone.

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