The Great Frame Up

Here are a few photos of the wall and roof framing.  My wife and I did all of this in a weekend and it turned out great.  We used local Poplar from the local sawmill for the walls and resorted to the local lumberyard for the roof framing (SPF).  

You’ll notice a few design differences in the wall, compared to standard framing,  due to this being a board and batten sided building.  The most noticeable is the spacing on the vertical members and the addition of horizontal members which will serve as nailers/supports for the BnB.   We also used a few 4×4 posts in lieu of 2x4s in the walls just for extra structural  integrity.  Where we had a 6×6 in the foundation we placed a 4×4 in the wall above it in order to help transfer the weight more evenly.  This is my engineering side coming out.  

Photo Nov 05, 10 36 50 AM.jpg

Long walls framed up and ready to stand.  These are 24 foot walls and the two of us lifted them into place fairly easily in 12 foot sections.  

Photo Nov 05, 1 18 12 PM.jpg

Back wall raised and nailed down.  As MaryAnn (my wife) held the wall vertical, I verified the wall was on the chalk line then nailed the bottom plate down.  Once the bottom plate was secure we checked plumb and nailed in the temporary diagonal bracing to hold it in place.  You can see the window opening framed here.  

Photo Nov 05, 1 18 15 PM.jpg

Second half of the back wall nailed in plumb and square.  The large framed opening is for a five foot wide doorway.   

Photo Nov 05, 4 25 47 PM.jpg

Sawing and framing the end walls.  There are no openings in these two walls so it is a straight forward frame up.  The gable ends also have less force on them than the long walls.  We still chose to place a 4×4 in the center over the 6×6 used in the foundation.

Photo Nov 05, 4 33 41 PM.jpg

Pneumatic nailers make life much easier.

Photo Nov 05, 4 34 12 PM.jpg

However, like man’s best friend, a trusty hammer can never fully be replaced.


The sun has set on this day of wall framing and raising.  It is a satisfying accomplishment to come this far in such a handwork project.  

Pro tip:  Before attempting to raise a wall, toenail a couple of 8d or 10d nails through the bottom plate into the floor.  This will aid in holding the bottom of the wall in place, at the chalk line, and the nails will pull out as you raise the wall.  

Bonus tip:  Here is a drawing I did in AutoCAD (of our back wall) to illustrate the basic wall framing members.  I hope this helps. 

Wall Framing.jpg



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