Lincoln Knobs Roof

An update and few photos of the roof framing.

Photo Nov 06, 2 52 45 PM.jpg

Putting up the ceiling joists.  We used 2×8 joists 24″ OC.  Rather than shelling out and having delivered 20′ long boards I scabbed 2-10′ boards together with a 3′ piece.  Since these won’t support much vertical force, this works fine.

Photo Nov 06, 3 33 06 PM.jpg

All joists are up, braced with 2-2x4s running lengthwise, and ready for rafters.  I chose stick-built roof framing over pre-fab joists because I wanted to do everything by hand; and I have a thing for geometry (engineer in me again) and wanted to figure the lengths of everything.

Photo Nov 12, 12 17 16 PM.jpg

Underway!  First set of rafters and first half of the ridge beam is set.  

Photo Nov 12, 4 35 26 PM.jpg

Halfway there.  So far everything has laid in place nicely.

Photo Nov 12, 5 26 47 PM.jpg

Nailing in the rafters to the ceiling joists and top plate.

Photo Nov 13, 3 36 08 PM.jpg

I did a 12″ overhang on all four sides.  This’ll give a nice dimensional look and better protection.  Notice we have also sprayed the floor with weatherproofing. 

Also, roofing purlins are on and ready for the metal roof.

Done for the day.  

Pro tip: There are a ton of online calculators to determine rafter length.  Also, on the side of a framing square are rafter tables.  But, you can also figure this in your head or on paper with the Pythagorean theorem (A squared + B squared = C squared).  Keep in mine your additional overhang when figuring rafter lengths. 


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