Joseph Moxon’s “Mechanick Exercises”

I ran across a website earlier today doing some research on the great woodworker Joseph Moxon.  Moxon has garnered renewed fame as of late due to Chris Schwarz’s work with the Moxon Vise and associated publications.  If you haven’t been subjected to the Moxon craze do a quick Google search and you’ll be pleased; it is really good stuff and the vise is supremely useful for hand-cut joinery.  

In the 17th century, Moxon penned and published a work titled, Mechanick Exercises: or the Doctrine of Handy-Works.  This work is now public domain, has been duplicated by the University of Michigan (GO BLUE!), and posted online.  You can download a full, free PDF of the entire publication.  It is great reading from a legendary woodworker.

Just click the below photo of the title sheet to be magically transported to the site, you’ll find the full download link in the left-hand pane from there.


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