Building Update

Photo Feb 11, 5 25 03 PM.jpg

We are finished with construction of the new shop at Lincoln Knobs Woodworking.  My wife and I are proud of the fact we drove every nail, sawed every board, ran every wire, and know this building inch by inch.  Our electrical inspection took place two weeks ago and went off without a  hitch; two days later we had power!  We finished running the wood stove flu a couple days after that.  I must say, cutting a 10″ hole in a brand new metal roof is a little unnerving.  It went well and the next day was put to the test with an inch of rain and strong winds…no failure!

It is my intent to share some of the details of the construction, materials used, and philosophy behind some of our decisions over the next few weeks.  These posts may be hit or miss but I plan to post every other day for a while.  

Also, the next project consists of us building our log home about 100 yards behind this shop using trees from our own property.  Again, my wife and I will be doing all of the work.  I hope to document this process much more fully than I did the shop building process.  If you have ever been interested in log construction, stay tuned!!

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