And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight.Philippians 1:9

Lincoln Knobs Woodworking consists of a husband/wife team dedicated to traditional woodworking.  We hold primarily to the traditional design processes and techniques employed for decades by craftsmen across the globe.  While much of what you see on our site and in our shop adheres to these principles we venture into the world of power tools from time to time.  We feel the woodworkers of old used and employed contemporary (to them) machines and tools thus we should not limit ourselves and overlook more modern instruments of woodworking.  With that said, our hearts lie in keeping the old ways alive thus most of what we do is “traditional.”

A bit about our company name.  The meaning of the name Lincoln Knobs is two-fold.  First, we originated in Lincoln County Kentucky.  Lincoln County is located in the Knobs region of the state. The Knobs are a geographical feature, horseshoe shaped (appropriately since this is horse country), in the Central/South Central part of the state.  We take pride in the region we are from, live and work in, thus felt moved to name our company after it.

We hope you enjoy visiting the site and look forward to hearing feedback from you, so feel free to drop a message here, email us, or give us a good ole traditional phone call.

24B - KyP JPG 1200dpi black


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